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Getting Away from the Summer Holiday Rush

By London Designer Outlet

As fun as summer is, getting about can be difficult. Families are buzzing around thanks to the summer holidays, and people of all ages throughout the UK tend to seek the sun in warmer climates the world over. Summer is peak time for flights and traffic, so the travel expenses can really rack up.

Summer Time train rush


Should you be looking to save money and wish to avoid the hustle-and-bustle of summer travelling, planning your holidays early can be a real boon. You can go to all sorts of places UK- and Europe- wide for bargain prices, and sometimes go to parts of the world you might not have thought about before. That trip to Asia or South America? Much cheaper when going outside of the UK peak season of July to September. Plus, going to some warmer climates before June means you’re more likely to get the best weather in many areas of the Southern hemisphere.

Even if you’re just thinking of trips in the UK and Ireland, going pre-summer is a good choice. Scotland, Ireland, and Wales are all great for day trips and camping, as is much of England. County Antrim, Ullswater, the Peak District, Edinburgh, Brecon Beacons, Cornwall … The number of beautiful places to go in the UK is astounding.

Pen Y Fan, Brecon Beacons 


How can London Designer Outlet (LDO) help you with your journeys abroad and in the UK? Well, we have three outdoor clothing specialists: Helly Hansen, Trespass, and The North Face. Their products are designed and recommended by hikers, climbers, sailors, snowboarders, explorers, and lots of other outdoor sports enthusiasts. This means that, wherever you end up going for your Spring holidays, you can get the most durable, stylish, and versatile clothing on the high streets today. All at bargain prices you wouldn’t get elsewhere on the high street.

Whether it’s tents, rucksacks, a decent pair of hiking boots, or clothing that’ll keep you warm and waterproof in all sorts of conditions, we are sure that you’ll find something more than suitable at LDO in Wembley. Plus, you get the chance to try something on before you buy it, as well as get advice on the best gear to buy for your specific holiday activity.

The North Face Hiking Boots 


There’s more than just the outdoor specialist stores, however. LDO has lots of sporting outlet stores, such as the Nike Factory Store, Adidas Outlet Store, and the Asics Outlet Store. Then there are stores like Bench, Oakley, and Clarks. Should you be looking for a comfortable pair of shorts, trainers, or specialist sunglasses to go along with your travel clothing, one of these stores will surely provide what you’re looking for.

Of course, backpacks, holdalls, and rucksacks aren’t always going to be enough to carry all your luggage. For those of your taking longer trips away and needing bags with substantial carrying capacity (as well handbags and the already mentioned backpacks, holdalls, and rucksacks), there’s Bags Etc. The Bags Etc. Outlet Store in Wembley also houses some of the world’s lightest luggage bags, meaning that they’re easier to carry and not as restrictive as many other large luggage bags.

Bags Etc. canvas holdall


There’s lots on offer here at LDO in Wembley. Moreover, getting all your pre-Summer holiday kit needn’t involve you trundling around for long periods of time on the high street. You can sit down for a coffee or a meal at one of our many cafés or restaurants in between shopping too. After all, why spend all that time getting all the right things together, when you can get all the things you need in one swoop? The LDO can help sort you out!