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New Year, New Look, New You

By London Designer Outlet

So, it’s 2016, and you’re looking into your wardrobe. All you see are old shirts, jumpers, trousers, and so-on staring back at you. You’ve had that jumper for 5 years, that shirt for 3, and those pair of jeans since “I forgot the time I bought them.” Wearing the same thing time-and-again has started to make you a little bored, and what’s worse is that others are looking at your style and starting to feel the same..

What does this call for? That’s right! A good old-fashioned January clean-out. Get rid of the shabby clothing and get a fresh new look. Of course, you probably have a classic suit or dress that you want to keep - one that brings out the best in you and makes others stop in their tracks to look twice. So why not add some more great pieces to your wardrobe? A wardrobe that brings out the best in you everyday?

This is where London Designer Outlet (LDO) in Wembley can help. Whether you’re looking to get fitter, having to attend a big engagement, wanting a set of party clothes to play or needing some smart clothing for a new job, there are a variety of stores to get the outfit you’re looking for. Moreover, it’s not just any clothing, but high-quality, branded, up-to-date, clothing that follows the season’s latest fashions - at fantastic prices you won’t get on the high street.


Aftershock evening dress/gown


Want a tailor-quality suit for a wedding or to impress your clients? Then there’s the award-winning Without Prejudice (Drapers Menswear Brand of the Year 2014). A pair of shoes that befit a fine suit? There’s the Clarks Outlet, Daniel Footwear, and more. Or perhaps you need a new pair of trainers, or some comfortable clothing to workout (or lounge) in? Then there’s the Adidas, Nike, and the Asics outlet stores, amongst many others.

Without Prejudice suit


What’s more is that, if you’re actually looking to get fitter, LDO has a RUN Wembley tool that can map out the best routes for running in Wembley and North-West London. So, not only can you get the latest in Asics’ Foot ID trainers, but also actually join a running group to help spur a new you on. 

Asics Gel Trainer


London Designer Outlet houses lots of places that specialise in all sorts of areas of fashion. Anyone looking for that perfect bag - one that’s functional, stylish, and suitable for the clothing in your wardrobe - could do worse than going to Bags Etc. Outdoor specialists like Helly Hansen and Trespass also offer sturdy, stylish luggage and sports bags, as do many of LDO’s sports outlet stores. They’re especially good if you’re looking to get outdoors and out of the city more this year, too, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with spending a summer hiking, climbing, appreciating nature, and getting away from the city.


Helly Hansen Parka Jacket


Let’s not get taken away by thinking that looking and feeling great is all just about getting the right clothes and getting fit (though we’ll be honest and say that they certainly do play a huge part). Sometimes, you need to get rid of the stresses and strains looking your best can put you through! LDO can help here, too, with parlours like Bhavi Beauty. Spa treatments, eyebrow threading, facials, manicures, pedicures, makeup, massages … There’s not much end to what sort of beauty services Bhavi Beauty provides! Should you want to get your hair done before or after all this pampering, there’s Hair Focus to sort you out. All this under one roof!

Whatever it is you need to accomplish over the coming year, LDO in Wembley can help in getting you there. Visit or contact us and find out more today!