Fun Ways to Raise Money for Comic Relief

Fun Ways to Raise Money for Comic Relief

By London Designer Outlet
Friday 13th March is Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day 2015. Red Nose Day is an exciting time of the year for people throughout the UK – and it’s no different for those of us at the London Designer Outlet in Wembley!
Not only do we all get to watch some of our favourite comedy shows and stars on TV over the RND ‘15 weekend, but we also get to make comedians – or fools! – of ourselves in the name of raising money for charity! Here’s a list of great ways to get funny for money – just don’t forget to get your free fundraising kit…
1. Join In With a Comic Relief Danceathon
There will undoubtedly be sponsored danceathons big and small throughout the country in the run-up to RND 2015, from small clubs, right the way up to massive arenas! We had our own massive danceathon at the SSE Arena on Sunday 8th March hosted by Claudia Winkleman. Amongst the 2,000 dancing fanatics taking on a 6-hour stint on the dancefloor were various celebrities, including Coyote Ugly star Adam Garcia, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt and Girls Aloud’s own Kimberley Walsh!
Get your inner dancer out and join in on the revelry, or even start your very own danceathon – it’s a great reason to teach (or learn) a few new moves! Just remember to stay hydrated if you’re going to go for a full-on dance session!
2. Take a Funny Selfie
A simple, yet effective idea: think of the wildest, wackiest makeup or costumes you could possibly wear, catch your best angles on your smartphone, then see how many of your friends will sponsor you to post your incredibly ridiculous shots up on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram! Head over to Angels Fancy Dress for some cool ideas, or check out miserable music mogul Simon Cowell’s handiwork painting David Walliams up! Think you can do better? Prove it!
3. A Sponsored Wax
Wondering what it feels like to be one of those suspiciously hairless models on the front covers of all the glossy magazines? Do you wince at the idea of a full-body strip and rip? Well, put that to good charity use – you can feel a little of the pain the glamour models do, by getting a sponsored wax for Red Nose Day! You’ll rack up tonnes of donations, especially if you’re a particularly hairy bloke – just be thankful this isn’t your day job.
4. Sponsored Silence
Looking for a way to shut up the office big mouth, the ultra-gossipy friend, or just need the kids to be quiet for a day? How about giving your own voice a rest after some mid-week shenanigans, or post-concert or football match shouting? Well, whatever your reasoning, a sponsored silence is perhaps one of the most civilised ways to raise some extra cash for Red Nose Day – especially if you’ve got a reputation for being a little, shall we say, outspoken!
5. Become a Rock Star for the Day!
Freddie Mercury, Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper… The list of iconic rock stars with their own unique look is endless. Why not take a leaf out of the rock Gods and Goddesses book and become a rock star yourself for Red Nose Day? Become a KISS-a-like, sport a Justin Hawkins-style catsuit, or cultivate a massive curly mane complete with Slash-esque tophat and tight trousers – the possibilities are plentiful. A huge amount of fun, this one, and plenty of photo opportunities for friends, family and colleagues alike.
6. The Classic Bake Sale
Let’s face it: a sponsored charity event just wouldn’t be the same without a number of sweet treats. Not only will it be fun getting the kids in the kitchen, but you get to lick the bowl, your friends and family can enjoy the fruits of your labour, and you get to raise some money in the process! Check out BBC Good Food’s extensive list of easy-to-follow recipes for some inspiration, or get down to Lindt to stock up on ingredients – maybe grab a treat for all your hard work at the same time!
7. Give Up Something for a Day
We all have our weaknesses and vices, that’s a given – see if you can challenge yourself to give up TV, chocolate, pizza or Facebook for a day. Of course, you could also use the day as a way to kickstart a healthier lifestyle by not smoking or drinking. That way, it’s win-win.
The possibilities are potentially endless. Prone to biting your nails? Tired of doing the washing up all the time (you’re entitled to a break, after all)? Maybe you want to give up on wearing plain outfits for a day (any chance to get into a costume!)? As long as you’re raising money by doing it, there’s an excellent outcome from your impenetrable willpower!
8. A Talent Show
Anyone who watches the telly on a Saturday night will tell you that Britain’s got talent. Well, some of us do! There’s always someone out there who fancies themselves a flawless singer, a hilarious comedian, a daring acrobat, or talented in some other weird and wonderful way. Why not give them a chance to prove themselves by putting on a charity talent show? You could also use it as an opportunity to give a more modest person the spotlight – after all, it’s for charity! Get yourself a space – a small hall or pub works well – get your cast together, and get promoting! For an extra challenge, you could randomise the talent show, with people drawing acts from a hat – because let’s be honest, we’re always up for a laugh.
9. Have A Random Hair Day
Our hair is one of the most versatile parts of our overall image. Chop it, plait it, dye it or design it almost any way you like – it’s bound to raise some eyebrows. Getting a crazy colour, a mohawk or liberty spikes might be usually frowned upon – but not when it’s for charity. Raise a few quid while giving your mates a chuckle by getting a Red Nose Day ‘do.
10. Daft Disguises
Ever thought about how ridiculous your friend would look like with a beard made of post-it notes? Or maybe you can picture one of your colleagues coming into work with an Inspector Clouseau-style hunchback? For the truly daft, mayhaps a Daft Punk costume, with full-on motorcycle regalia? Be adventurous – and see if anyone can guess it’s you! Don’t forget to get some agreed hard cash upfront before doing yourself up to the nines.
That’s London Designer Outlet’s ideas to raise money for Red Nose Day 2015 – but it’s hardly an exclusive list. There are loads of things going on this year, so get involved at RedNoseDay.com – and, of course, remember to buy your very own red nose!

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