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Unorthodox Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching – wait, didn’t you know that it’s on the fifteenth of March this year? Tsk tsk, indeed. Of course, you could choose the easy option of chocolates, petrol station flowers, and a glittery card, but surely your dear old mum deserves more than that? She’s had to wash your socks and pants for years, be your on-call taxi service late into the night, and sit up when you’ve been deathly ill with that nasty cold – all without complaint or protest. This year, treat your mum with something a little bit more and show her just how much you appreciate all that she’s done over the years.
Fragrances and Perfumes
Needs Time to Plan
Extravagance Level Varies
Your mum’s probably got the classic Chanel No5 and a few other pieces that she’s collected over the years, but she’ll really appreciate you taking the time to find out which one she actually wants or one she’s always wanted to try. Talk to her friends, or even drag your aunt down to The Fragrance Shop, browse the lotions and potions at The Body Shop, prepare a hamper from Fortnum & Mason’s, or visit the infamous Selfridges perfume section to test out the different brands. More advanced gift givers can try and coax the information out of their mothers themselves, but watch out – she may grow suspicious!
Needs Time to Plan
Priceless (In A Good Way)
If you’re one of those artsy types that’s good at sticking things together with glue, and have plenty of sequins lying around the place, it’s always worth having a go at making something yourself. For those with mums who are always on the go, you can make Mum her very own bath bombs with her favourite scents or a wonderfully refreshing peppermint food soak. Of course, if your Mum’s a gifted crafter herself, you can treat her to special lessons; this wonderful session at the Liberty Sewing School comes with a lovely afternoon tea. If your Mum’s an extra special grandmum too, try a few crafts with your children; you can make towels imprinted with your little one’s footprints or with your family’s meaningful dates embroidered on them. You might know a few mums-to-be – why not give them a treat this Mother’s Day too? Try making this ‘Mommy Survival Kit’ especially for them!
Spa Breaks
Limited Planning Time
Very Extravagant (But Lots of Fun!)
Sneak around your Mum’s schedule (with some help from Dad, or your family) and treat her and yourself to a spa break. London is full of top-quality spas that cater for everything your Mum might possibly wish for on her special day. There’s the St Pancras Spa, that offers luxurious and exotic facial treatments with a Victorian twist; The Berkley Spa, which is a favourite haunt of celebrities and has a beautiful open top swimming pool; and The Porchester Spa, situated in a gorgeous 1920s building and offering one of the most authentic spa experiences you’re likely to find in the whole of the UK. They all offer various packages, so you’re bound to find something that suits your Mum – and your wallet – down to a T.
City Breaks
Serious Planning Time
Ridiculously Extravagant
Getting away from it all and having a chilled out holiday is a truly top-notch gift for well-deserving mums. Pop down to your travel agent and have a chat about what you can get, or check out, which has deals and offers to suit whatever your Mum likes best – whether it’s a hop on the Eurostar to Brussels, or a whirlwind weekend in New York. Remember to check online in your browser’s “incognito” mode – that way, you’ll get the best prices!
Adventure Experience
Serious Planning Time
Great For Large Families
Maybe your Mum has a dream about jumping out of an aeroplane or getting to shoot your Dad with a paintball gun – you can make this dream a reality this year! Check out Virgin Adventure Days (which offers such delights as zorbing, zombie experiences, bungee jumping, and Segway rally racing), London Adventure Days (you can powerboat down the Thames and have champagne hot air ballooning), or Extreme Element (that has skydiving, stock car racing, and the chance to fly with a real fighter pilot – perfect for Mums who saw Top Gun as a teenager!). You’re bound to find something completely out there for even the most adventurous mums!
Dining Out
Price Varies
Limited Planning Time
Go as Extravagant as You Like
Some Mums might protest that they don’t want anything that fancy, they just want to spend the day with you. Okay, Mum, but you’re going to get spoiled! Depending on what your Mum likes, and how casual your family is, a big family trip to a great restaurant is always appreciated – especially when you’re picking up the bill! If you’re a big family with lots of young ones, or you’re just interested in a night of lots of laughs, try the Handmade Burger Company or Jimmy’s World Kitchen, which has eight live chefs so you can expect real culinary theatre! For just the two of you to have a wonderful day out, make a booking at one of London’s many Michelin Star restaurants, such as Le Gavroche, Marcus at The Berkley, or Hibiscus. They’ll cost a little bit more, and you’ll have to dress up, but your Mum is definitely worth it.

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