Escape the High Street: Why Outlet Stores Beat Oxford Street at Christmas

Escape the High Street: Why Outlet Stores Beat Oxford Street at Christmas

By London Designer Outlet
Escape the High Street: Why Outlet Stores Beat Oxford Street at Christmas
Let’s face it – Oxford Street over Christmas, whilst pretty, is almost hellish. Stressful, packed into stores like sardines, and long queues everywhere. Then there’s just getting into central London itself, and all the transport problems that it comes with. Stuffy trains, carrying bags full of presents from one store to another, and having the energy to do it all. All of this before you even start the cooking at home!
There is one way to rid yourself of the strain of Oxford Street over the Christmas, and that is by coming to the London Designer Outlet. Here’s five reasons why you should make a trip over to Wembley Park rather than central London over the Christmas …
1. Everything in One Place
On Oxford Street, if you want to take a break and get a cup of coffee or a nice lunchtime meal in the middle of your shopping, you have to leave the store, hustle and bustle past the revellers on the street, and then go into another store. At the LDO, there’s no need to venture outside into the cold in order to get your food and beverages; and, even if you do want to go outside, there’s the Wembley Festive Food Market to keep your cockles warm.
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2. Better Value
LDO is ultimately one huge outlet filled with lots of smaller outlets. This means jeans, trainers, suits, dresses, and lots, lots more at prices far cheaper than the high street alternative. Plus, as it’s Christmas, there’s lots of deals, prizes, and competitions to take advantage of. So who knows? Not only will you get great value gifts at LDO, you may even win something and get at least a part of your present shopping paid for!
3. Lots More to Do!
Frankly, the thought of dragging yourself and your friends and/or family all over Oxford Circus terrifies us. Kids can get restless, friends take interest in other things, and significant others get bored. The range of activities that you can find to occupy yourself on Oxford Street is limited. The LDO, meanwhile, has North-West London’s largest ice skating rink, a Cineworld Cinema, and a Whizz Express Train made especially to give children the chance to take a tour around the LDO!
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4. Travel and Accessibility
We have lots of parking available here at LDO, and there are plenty of public transport links. Wembley Stadium, Wembley Central, and Wembley Park Station are all nearby. Alperton Station and North Wembley Station are also within reach. Driving to the LDO won’t be anywhere near the hassle it is to get to Oxford Street via car (and no congestion charge to boot), and for those of you who like to cycle, Wembley is certainly easier to pedal around than
central London. Moreover, the LDO is far more accessible for those less able to walk, and we are Shopmobility approved.
5. Gift Wrapping
Wrapping presents properly can be hard work. Sure, there are some stores on Oxford Street that provide this service, but they are few-and-far between. At the London Designer Outlet, you can come to the igloo, get your presents wrapped for a small few, and in the process donate to charity!
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So, what are you waiting for? Come down to the LDO in Wembley today, and check out the deals you would otherwise miss out on by going elsewhere …

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