Getting Over the Winter Blues

Getting Over the Winter Blues

By London Designer Outlet
It’s February, so winter’s almost over. Sure, there’s the high point of Christmas and the New Year in December, but the turn to January brings with it the blues to many. And who’s to blame them? The cold, the wet weather, a lack of money thanks to all of December’s present-buying, and lots more besides. So, how do you beat away those winter blues? Here are five simple ways you can do so, and how London Designer Outlet (LDO) in Wembley can help you …
1. Get Some Exercise
Think LDO is just a place for shopping? Think again. You can start resolving those new year’s resolutions, get fit, and start feeling good again. Exercising is an excellent – and cheap – way of achieving this.
We also have a RUN Wembley route planner for those looking to see some of Wembley’s most scenic and interesting places to run, so should you wish to get some fresh air and leave the gym, you can do so.
Wembley is one of football’s most important stadiums the world over, being the scene for many of the sport’s classic moments. So it should come as no surprise that there is a Lucozade Powerleague football pitch near us, too. So, if team sports are more your cup of tea, then get signing up today and get those endorphins rushing!
2. Learn to Cook
There isn’t much that beats a well-cooked, healthy, homemade meal; and there’s probably not much out there that’s more depressing than eating ready-made meals all the time. Now’s the time to get in the kitchen and learn how to cook all of your favourite comfort foods and winter dishes, as well as practice some summer-style cooking.
LDO will also be getting ready for the Easter, and in preparation ProCook are hosting Flipper 2016 – a pancake-flipping competition being held between Saturday 30th January and Wednesday 10th February, specifically for Pancake Day. Whoever can flip the most pancakes in one minute will be crowned “Best Flipper”. The winner will get a £200 ProCook gift voucher to spend on some of the best kitchenwares available today. Come into LDO and join the fun!
3. Watch Films
Whether you want to slouch on the couch and watch your favourite films at home or get the full-on cinema experience in order to get the best out of the latest Hollywood blockbusters, LDO can help provide. We have a Cineworld Cinema showing both Hollywood and Bollywood films in both 2D and 3D (where available), on some of the most cutting-edge audio and visual technology today.
Anyone wanting to replicate their cinema experiences at home could do worse than checking out LDO’s Sony Centre, where you can buy the latest in high quality home technology at a fraction of the usual high street prices. Music is also a great help at this time of year, and setting up a decent sound system for your home needn’t be too difficult or expensive, thanks to LDO.
4. Freshen Up Your Environment
This means clearing out old junk from the home, getting rid of your scratched, old frying pans, and just generally creating a less clustered environment. You’ll feel a lot freer afterwards, and you’d be surprised as to how much clutter is produced over the Xmas period. Plus, a winter clean can save you from having to do a spring clean!
Getting a bit crafty can help, too, and there’s nothing wrong with getting some well-priced arts & crafts materials from The Works and making something original to decorate your home with.
Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tusnelda/5722262592
5. Change Your Wardrobe
Yes, it seems rather obvious, but getting rid of all those tatty old clothes and wearing something fresh, new, stylish, and up-to-date is still one of the best ways of helping beat away the winter blues. LDO has lots of menswear, womenswear, sportswear, and childrenswear to choose from, with high-quality designer brands offering some of the best clothes around for reasonable prices. LDO specialises in outlet store shopping, so expect to see in-season and original clothing at great, cheap prices.
Should all the shopping get too much for you, you can settle down for a drink or a meal at one of London Designer Outlet’s many restaurants.
So, why not come down to LDO today and help beat the blues away? You don’t have to just shop here, either: you’re welcome to grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and watch the world while away.

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