Fiorelli at LDO, Wembley

Fiorelli at LDO, Wembley

By London Designer Outlet
Fiorelli is one of Australia’s most successful designer brands, focussing specifically on handbags, purses, watches, and jewellery. They are one of the ultimate accessory brands, and have been making waves in the UK since the early 90s. We here at LDO are happy to tell all of you bag fans that Fiorelli have opened a store at LDO in Wembley.
These are a few of the things you can expect to see in the new Fiorelli shop at London Designer Outlet in Wembley.
Fiorelli have a huge range of handbag styles. They leave no stone unturned, and there are handbags to suit all sorts of styles and needs. There are tote, hobo, clutch, crossbody, shoulder, and grab bags, as well as backpacks, to choose from. Whatever your outfit, we’re sure Fiorelli will stock something suitable for you.
Whether small, medium, or large, frame or zip around, Fiorelli have a number of purses to carry your money and identification in. You need never to carry around lots of loose change in your pockets ever again!
Should you want an elegant watch that goes with your evening wear, or a vibrant watch for the daytimes, we are sure that Fiorelli will have something for you. Fiorelli have been making and selling watches for several years now, and have recently introduced a selection including gold, silver, and rose gold pieces. There are also leather strap and bracelet watches, as well as multifunction watches for the sporting amongst you.
So, all you handbag addicts – come down to LDO, grab a coffee, and check out the latest deals on some of the most highly sought-after brands on the market today.
Source for images: http://www.fiorelli.com/

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