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T.M. Lewin Opens at LDO, Wembley

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Fans of smart clothing will be happy to know that the classic British designer brand, T.M. Lewin, has opened a store here at LDO. Of course, T.M. Lewin is not just about clothing for work and special occasions – they offer a huge range of smart-casual clothing for day-to-day wear, too!
Though T.M. Lewin is most well-known for their superb quality smart and casual shirts (in fact, Thomas Mayes Lewin quite possibly invented the button-down shirt in the early 1900s with his “coat shirt”) for men, they also have an extensive range of smart and high-quality casual shirts, blouses, dresses, and knitwear for women.
Let’s have a look at some of the new styles you can see in Wembley’s new T.M. Lewin store over the summer and autumn months.
3 Piece Suits
T.M. Lewin make some of the finest Italian wool suits, in both slim-fit and regular sizes. Indeed, they are quite famous for them! T.M. Lewin also use S (Super) number wool for many of their non-Italian wool suits. As anyone who knows anything about apparel materials, S number wool is used for making tailored suits, and is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.
Casual Shirts
For T.M. Lewin, casual doesn’t mean “dress down”. Smart-casual is the main theme here, and includes shirts that you could wear to the office as well as a night out at the weekend. There are smart-casual shirts for both men and women, in styles both contemporary and classic. We urge you to come in store and try them on whenever possible – they are some of the most relaxed-yet-well-fitted shirts around!
T.M. Lewin makes ties for all sorts of occasions and in lots of styles. Yes, there’s the classic silk ties for work (in classic, skinny, and slim sizes), but also bow ties, wedding ties, cravats, sports ties, and knitted ties, amongst others (and yes, there are animal and floral prints!). All sorts of occasions are catered for, so you needn’t lose your head looking for a tie for a specific event.
Jumpers are not synonymous with summer, but let’s face it: we live in England, and our nights can get a little balmy even on the nicest of days. Plus, jumpers made for wear during summer tend to be lighter weight and far more breathable than their thicker, denser winter counterparts. After all, just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean that there won’t be the need to wear something that’s both smart and bearable to wear whilst the sun’s beating down on you.
T.M. Lewin has recently bought out a new collection of shoes and boots for men, including classic black brogues and chocolate Chelsea boots. T.M. Lewin’s shoes are often cool and contemporary, but with a distinct classic look for that timeless British style.
T.M. Lewin’s also has lots of other accessories, like belts & braces, tie slides, cufflinks, cummerbands, lapel pins, and much more besides. Buying high quality evening clothes university balls, black tie events, and weddings need never be too much of a chore again.
Source for images: http://www.tmlewin.co.uk/

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