Back to School Hacks: Morning Routine Blues

Back to School Hacks: Morning Routine Blues

By London Designer Outlet
How quickly is this year going?! It seems like not that long ago we were ringing in the new year with fireworks, resolutions (whatever happened to those?) and optimism for the months ahead. Now, the diets are well and truly over (for a few months), the sun is out, and… suddenly, it’s September?! You know what that means… back to school!
But it doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom. Here are London Designer Outlet’s top life hacks, tips and tricks to make going back to school a breeze – for kids and mum and dad!
Get Moving: Cracking The Morning Routine
Last time, we looked at the best ways to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for that awful moment the piercing alarm starts ringing in your ears and it’s time to get up for school. Again. This time, we’re going to check out all the tips, tricks and hacks you can use to beat the morning routine, get yourself packed and ready to go, and get through the school gates on time without even trying.
Face The Music
We’ve all got our favourite music playlists on Spotify, iTunes or YouTube. Whether it’s R&B, rock, cheesy pop or classic hits, there are ways to get the tunes working for you every weekday morning. Make a new playlist of your favourite motivational anthems that is exactly the length of time you have from getting up to leaving the house – and make the last song an absolute banger. When that last jam hits, you’ll know it’s time to get a move on, and you’ll never be late out again. Just remember not to get too caught up in the groove!
One Word: Multitasking
Mornings often consist of a lot of hanging around, just waiting for stuff to happen. Boiling the kettle, waiting for the toaster to pop up, other family members in the bathroom… it can all get a bit boring. But you can make this work for you, too – by multitasking. Get as many things on the go as possible, so they’re all happening simultaneously and there’s less time to wait. Get the butter out at the same time as popping the toaster and the kettle on – you’ll have toast and tea in under 5 minutes. Keep your Oyster card, phone, wallet and keys on top of your bag and grab them all in one fell swoop. If someone’s in the bathroom, use the absolute age they’re taking to get everything else ready – clothes, books, making sure your phone is charged, all that stuff. Then, jump in the shower, get dried, dressed, and out – simple!
Prepare For Take Off
Not literally, unfortunately. You know how your mobile phone was kept far, far away from your bed last night after following our last Back to School Hacks blog? Well, your first instinct – like any self-respecting social butterfly – was to jump out of bed, switch off your alarm, then grab your touchscreen friend and mess about on it for a bit, wasn’t it? Tut, tut! One of the biggest eaters of time is your mobile phone – in fact, mobileinsurance.com carried out a recent study that revealed the average person spends 90 minutes a day on their mobile. That’s 23 days a year! Crazy, right? Well, never fear – there is hope! Rather than switch your phone off entirely, just put it into Aeroplane Mode – that way, you won’t get any annoying bleeps or buzzes from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or your friends messaging you on WhatsApp. Save it for when you’re out the door – there’s plenty of time to catch up on the bus or in the car to school.

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