Make your home office into a productive sanctuary

Make your home office into a productive sanctuary

Working from home may seem ideal at 11am on a rainy day, but the reality is most home offices may not necessarily inspire productivity. Whether you’re a freelancer or are temporarily self-isolating, we all deserve a calm work space. There are plenty of simple ways to improve your home office and create the perfect work environment.


  1.     Bring in the outdoors

Letting nature in is a great way to turn your office into a true sanctuary. Nature has a calming effect and can definitely eliminate stress levels. Add a few plants to your home office to create the perfect serene environment.


  1.     Make it Personal

Make sure your office reflects your personality by adding a few of your favourite photos and artwork. Creating a home office that’s truly ‘yours’ goes a long way when it comes to creating an inspiring and comfortable space. You could even take it a step further and keep a few of your favourite healthy snacks nearby.


  1.     Natural Light is Best:

Natural light has an immediate effect on productivity levels and has been shown to be a mood booster. Try positioning key furniture near a window or in a way that you’ll have lots of natural light. If your office is a bit on the dark side, you could try overhead lighting. You could even find the perfect new lamp for your desk as task lighting helps your eyes focus on what’s in front of you.


  1.     Comfort is Key

Comfort is definitely the most important aspect of creating the ultimate sanctuary. Even if you may not have much space having a comfortable desk chair can make a huge difference. Your chair needs to keep you comfy in whatever position you are in throughout the day so supportive seating is a must.


  1.     A Cleaner Space

You’re working, snacking, drinking and talking in the same position for over 7 hours a day and perhaps your work space becomes a bit more ‘lived in’. However, a cleaner environment can help motivation and productivity levels. Clean up your desk top and organize those drawers for a more professional look.


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