Fashion to Boost Your Mood

Fashion to Boost Your Mood

In need of a mood boost? We all know the classic techniques to brighten up your day, whether listening to a podcast, laughing with friends over virtual chat or working out in your living room – but can your choice of outfit lift your spirits?

Harness the power of colour psychology next time you reach into your wardrobe with our easy guide.

Wear orange to feel brave, spontaneous, outgoing and creative. It is no accident the Nike swoosh is orange!



Wear pink to feel patient, compassionate, tranquil and sensitive (all those parents who are home schooling I am sure this speaks to you!)



Wear green to feel compassionate, balanced, generous and peaceful – again the clever people at The Body Shop didn’t just like the colour green.


Wear red to feel strong, motivated, passionate and grounded.


Wear purple to feel inspired, confident, authentic and wise.


Wear blue to feel communicative, calm, efficient and intelligent.


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Team LDO x

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