Do More with Less… with Denby

Do More with Less… with Denby

For many of us, the chill of autumn setting in means a tightening of the pursestrings.

Whether you’re heading off to university or are watching the pennies while planning for Christmas, pottery brand Denby has shared useful advice on how to do more with less, helping you to repurpose and save on everyday household items. Read on to find out about Denby’s top tips and tricks.

Deck the Halls

When it’s time for your next interior refresh, head to the kitchen and get creative and see which items have more potential than what initially meets the eye.

Denby hallway

Dress your hall with statement pieces to wow guests with an impressive entrance. For a bright display, why not add fresh blooms to a porcelain jug or organise hallway bits and bobs, like your keys, into a stylish Denby Studio Grey Accent bowl?

Back to Uni

For students, cheap is often cheerful. However, replacing kitchenware each year certainly isn’t. Instead, we recommend opting for a high-quality classic dinner set like Denby’s ‘Back to Uni’ three-essentials bundle, which includes a dinner plate, pasta bowl and cereal bowl for less than £20 (RRP £320!

Complete your kitchenware shop with a Denby Quantanium finish oven tray for only £11.20 (RRP £16), it even comes with a 10-year guarantee – so you know it will last your whole uni experience.

Denby roasting dish

Looking for simple, but stylish, decor ideas that don’t break the bank? Not just for a cuppa, a mug can be used as a pen pot to give your desk a stationery shape up or used as a small ceramic plant pot for a quirky touch – Denby’s Studio Blue Accent mug is our go-to!

Making smart changes

Great for your pocket and the environment, kitchenware re-thought is the way forward.

Try out these smart changes to make the most out of your homeware, and be sure to visit the Denby store at London Designer Outlet for big price savings on items that will last for years to come.

Prices correct at time of publication.

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