London Designer Outlet (LDO) is private property and has in place a code of conduct to which our guests, team members and staff are expected to adhere, to maintain the enjoyment of LDO for all visitors.

What isn’t allowed:

  • Skateboards, roller blades or Heelies
  • Bikes, scooters or motorbikes
  • Animals, except service animals (e.g. guide or hearing dogs)
  • Balls and ball games
  • Smoking, except in designated areas
  • Alcohol in public areas
  • Drugs
  • Unauthorised trading, vending, sales or collections
  • Unauthorised busking
  • Unauthorised market or other research
  • Any form of illegal activity
  • Gangs
  • Recording or photography (e.g. of security systems) which could be used for illegal purposes

What we ask of those using and working at LDO:

  • Courtesy and respect for others
  • Shirts and shoes, and appropriate clothing to be worn
  • Respect for the environment and LDO’s facilities
  • Children under 11 to be accompanied by an appropriate adult
  • Keep any purchases with you at all times, do not leave bags unattended

How is the code of conduct enforced?

The vast majority of our millions of guests are here to enjoy the shops, restaurants and other facilities at LDO. For the tiny minority who wish to spoil the enjoyment of other guests or team members at LDO, our guest services and security teams are on hand to help resolve the problem. In the event this does not happen, these visitors may be asked to leave, or could be banned from visiting LDO for a period of time. Where illegal activity is discovered or public order threatened, LDO teams will ask for police assistance and prosecute where appropriate.