New Year, New Home, New You

New Year, New Home, New You

By London Designer Outlet
So, it’s a new year, and everyone is thinking about sprucing up their home, brightening up their dreary, dull passages, and adding a touch of premium comfort to their living surroundings. But you’ve had the same old living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom for a very long time; and what’s a new year if you’re in the same old place? A fresh new look could help you greet the rest of the year with far less tired eyes.
Don’t worry – help is at hand. Making your home a nice new environment is not something we shy away from at London Designer Outlet. We might not have hordes of interior designers and architects at hand in our Outlet Centre, but we do have lots of expertise – and we’ll show you how to have a top quality spruce up on a shoestring budget!
The ProCook outlet store, for example, has some of the highest quality, most up-to-date homeware and cookware around. Designed by in-house experts, ProCook’s extensive range of kitchen utensils will definitely kit out your kitchen with the highest-tech equipment – but at a fraction of high street prices. So, get rid of those scratched up, greasy old pans, and replace it with some of the most cutting-edge kitchen tech in the shops right now – without breaking the bank. Doing so will undoubtedly help you save time, cook some of the tastiest meals you’ve ever treated yourself to, and save money not just on the cookware – but the cost of those expensive takeaways, too.
Denby is another outlet store at London Designer Outlet that stocks kitchen products – with savings of up to 50% to boot. A British-born speciality stoneware company, Denby are from Derbyshire, were set up in 1809, and they have since wowed the world with their premium dinnerware and cookware. They’re particularly famous for stoneware, but the company’s porcelains, chinaware, glass, and other materials are equally impressive. So, whether it’s a new cast iron skillet, a new set of cooking pans, or a range of high-quality kitchen knives you’re looking for, the Denby outlet is sure to have it.
Now that Winter is well and truly upon us, with its blustering gales and frosty mornings, you’re more than likely going to need some comforting items and New Years’ cheer to see you through to Spring. Fear not, for the Body Shop outlet is here to help. Feel free to indulge in some lavish self-care on a shoestring budget, with bath bombs, deep-cleansing scrubs, and muscle soaks to keep you completely relaxed on a lazy evening – and all at a price significantly lower than the high street! Plus, if that’s not enough, take your bath to the next level with perfectly-matched scented candles from Parks. Relax in the scents of camomile, myrrh, or even basil – if it takes your fancy.
Go on, take the weight off.
While we’re not going to go too crazy after all that relaxation, you might be thinking about doing a few basic home improvements to give the place a new lease of life. Small, but important things like fixing up old cupboards, sprucing wall details, or maybe even making something eye-catching as a display piece. This is where The Works steps in; providing arts and crafts materials for children and adults alike, all at amazing discount prices. Perfect for long, dreary winter days in, the arty gear from The Works can keep kids busy, while helping to add a little individuality, and a more homely feel, without the need for extortionately high art shop prices. Plus, you can even get clued up on your basic DIY skills too – with plenty of basic and intermediate home DIY guides on offer at tremendous prices. Should you need a little help, that is!
Now, you may have all the expensive and time-consuming decorations done. You’re now in your perfect space, all sparkly and brand-new looking, ready to kick back on the brand new bed or sofa you got the house as a Christmas present. However, everything now seems a little… quiet. Where’s the excitement? The pizzazz? The atmosphere? This is where stores like the Sony Centre shine brightest. For a fraction of high street prices, you can build your ideal home entertainment system; perfect for getting friends round, getting the drinks in, and ordering some pizzas for a night of entertainment. Plus, you’ll need a nice reward for all that work you’ve been doing – as well as all the money you’ve been saving!
So, why not come down to London Designer Outlet, and give your home the love and attention it needs to start the new year off right. You’re certain to find some great deals to inspire you in 2016.

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