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**Chaboba are currently offering take away only**

Chaboba® research and training started in Taiwan where the masters of bubble tea educated our team with authentic recipes on how to experiment and create bespoke versions of these drinks.

We serve three versions of bubble tea; Milk, Crush and Fruit Tea. Each with its own characteristics, we’re sure to find a perfect match for everyone.

As well as bubble tea, Chaboba serves up Bubble Waffle® which is made to order warm and crispy on the outside with soft hollow dough on the inside, filled with ice cream and various toppings. Snow ice and mochi ice cream are also available to cool you down.

To complement our teas, we also serve up Taiwanese street food, including Taiwan’s best kept secret until now, Gua Boa’s (steamed oyster shaped buns with savoury fillings). Popular choice includes slow roasted pork belly and roast duck.

The mission is to make bubble tea fashionable! Come and try one of our bubblelicious teas today!

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