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“Tandoori” The name comes from the type of cylindrical clay oven, a tandoor, in which the dish is traditionally prepared. The English word comes from Urdu/ Hindi tandoor, which came from Persian tanūr, which all mean (clay) oven. So tandoor originated from Semitic.
Tandoori Fusion is our very first Pakistani Street Food . We have established ourselves as London’s ‘go to’ Pakistani street food experience. An experience that brings authentic traditional street food of Pakistan to life in a modern contemporary style. Using premium quality fresh halal food and ingredients, brought to life in our Tandoori style cooked meat, woks and curries, We create ‘food as theatre’ for all your senses.
Tandoori Fusion is the world’s very first fast food place that wraps together all the exciting and vibrant flavours of Pakistani street food. At Tandoori Fusion we focus on two very exciting concepts, tasty food but no mess while enjoying every bite of it. Our aim is to ensure traditional street food is served but in modern dynamics using freshly ground spices. We believe in taste, freshness and healthy eating. Come and try our Masala Fries, Lamb curry, Seekh Kebab or Dhaba Chicken in Rice Bowl, Burrito or Naan Wrap.

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